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    Under the supervision and direction of the Director of Environment, the Communications Officer is responsible for planning, monitoring internal and external communications. The incumbent oversees all the related communication projects and initiatives to promote a positive image of Niskamoon and its services.
    Functional Responsibilities
    − Create, develop and implement comprehensive external communication plans with regards to the various Niskamoon programs;
    _ Maintain the Niskamoon Corporation Website and related social media platforms;
    − Develop the Niskamoon Annual Report in close collaboration with the various departments, local
    coordinators and service providers;
    − Coordinate the Annual Recruitment Tour for Niskamoon training programs in Eeyou Istchee;
    − As needed, coordinate the development of reports on the activity of the various Niskamoon programs and agreements;
    − Draft news articles, press releases, editorials, position papers, advertisements (print and web-based),
    internal newsletters, messages and presentations for the Board members and the President;
    − Assist the Executive Assistant in all internal corporate communications.
    − Additional tasks to be determined representing around 20% to 30% of the workload.

  2. OFFICE MANAGER, Chisasibi

    As the Office Manager, your role would include managing the daily activities of the Corporation’s office and supervising certain administrative and support staff. The Office Manager also acts as a liaison with the Cree communities regarding general enquiries and requests. You would provide logistical and administrative support with the organization of the Corporation’s meetings and other activities. You would contribute to the preparation of annual operating budgets and carry out certain accounting duties. A more detailed job description can be obtained upon request. The individual in this position will report to the President-Treasurer and will be responsible for a number of tasks as outlined below under Responsibilities.

    • Oversees the efficient management of the office;
    • Assists in the preparation of disbursements from the Corporation’s various funds;
    • Administers the Corporation’s office policies and procedures, as well as evaluates, recommends, and implements any new procedures, as necessary;
    • Supervises, monitors, and evaluates the work of certain administrative and support staff, including establishing their priorities and delegating tasks;
    • Maintains in good order the Corporation’s filing system, including its administrative and archival records;
    • Maintains the Corporation’s personnel records
    • Prepares and processes the employee payroll;
    • Prepares the accounts payable, reviews invoices and adjusts as necessary, verifies the proper posting of entries to the general ledger;
    • Ensures that the Corporation’s office supplies and equipment are maintained in good order.


    Core Functions
    The Junior Administrative Secretary works closely with the Board of Directors, Cree Nation Government’s Youth Program employees and the Chairperson(s) of the Cree Nation Youth Council (CNYC) and is the focal point of communications. She/he provides adequate administrative resource to facilitate the effective working of the CNYC.
    Committee and Board Responsibilities
     Support the Board in carrying out its mandate and objectives.
     Provide advice to the Board of directors in respect of duties and practices, board reporting and proper meeting procedures.
     Advise CNYC in corporate matters and negotiations, and/or proxy on behalf of CNYC.
     Coordinate and manage Board and Committee meetings as well as logistics.
     Summon meetings, prepare agenda, presentations, take and draft minutes, including follow-up action plans.
     Draft proposed resolutions and related documents for Board and Committee meetings.
     Maintain Board and Committee records including minutes, reports, and other documents.
     Coordinate the general annual assembly with host community; and act as liaison with all involved community contacts.
     Maintain the Board’s online information-sharing portal.
    Communications and Public Relations Responsibilities
     Play a role in communicating, provide information, and act as a liaison with other entities/ organizations for CNYC and chairperson.
     Maintain the CNYC website and social media.
     Maintain the CNYC calendar, mailing, sending notices, issue Press Releases and reminders of directives and mandates.
     Public relations and collection of information.
    Administrative Responsibilities
     Advise the Board on its roles and responsibilities.
     Facilitate the orientation of new Directors and colleagues.
     Ensure compliance with policies and agreements including reporting.
     Preparation of reports as required by the role, including the annual report.
     Set up and maintain office filing systems, including correspondence and related administrative records; update and maintain computer files, databases, email and directories.
     Arrange detailed travel plans and itineraries and compile documents for travel-related meetings.


    Core Functions
    The Special Projects Officer works closely with the CNYC Board of Directors (BOD), Cree Nation Government’s Youth Program employees and the Chairperson(s) of the CNYC. The incumbent is responsible to develop, coordinate, implement and assess activities, special projects, programs, services, training activities and provide direct support to the Cree Nation Youth Council and its initiatives.
    Functional Responsibilities
     Coordinate CNYC events, projects and programs.
     Develop budgets (resources needed to achieve project goals) for all approved projects.
     Responsible for the planning and project execution, as delegated by the CNYC BOD, Chairperson(s) and of the Coordinator of the Social and Culture Development.
     Establish project plans, reporting and follow-up mechanisms.
     Organize and facilitate the project meetings, prepare agenda and minutes.
     Ensure that all projects are within budget allocation and that proper spending authorization are respected and adhered including solving issues and discrepancies with the budgets and on time.
     Ensure project strategies are streamlined to maximize available resources.
     Maintain proper project documentation and ensure project follows schedules.
     Establish, with project team, procedures and guidelines to be more efficient and organized.
     Establish accountability and appropriate post-project debriefs with CNYC.
     Develop appropriate evaluation methods and data collection instruments for each initiative.
     Provide regularly and accurately progressive reports as well as final reports on designated projects and activities to the CNYC and Chairperson(s).
     Ensure effective coordination, and presentation of training and development programs.

    Interaction/ Communication Responsibilities
     Work in collaboration with CNYC, chairperson(s), Board of Directors, and other entities/organizations.
     Establish collaborative relationships with the Cree Nation Government’s Cultural and Social Development and Finance Departments; more specifically for reporting.
     Establish relations with regional organizations; liaise with all departments and outside organizations regarding current and future projects.
     Participate in the meetings of the CNYC and prepare applicable documentation.
     Work in collaboration with the CHRD in order to access and implement applicable and adequate training programs.


    ➢ Receives, informs, orients and advises clients on the products, activities and services offered by the Wildlife
    Reserve and the Nibiischii Corporation;
    ➢ Manages the reservation system ensuring its smooth operation and continuous improvement;
    ➢ Is responsible for training and follow-up on the reservation system for all employees of the Corporation;
    ➢ Directs and controls the work of his/her delegated staff – ie. hiring, on-the-job training and customer service;
    ➢ He performs certain administrative functions and ensures the supervision and coordination of the welcoming
    offices and boutiques;
    ➢ Performs evaluation of his/her staff members and follows up on their action plan;
    ➢ Conducts customer surveys and compiles statistics;
    ➢ Receives and handles complaints, suggestions and comments from customers;
    ➢ Ensures the updating of the website and visibility on social medias;
    ➢ Ensures that information and promotional material is constantly available in displays;
    ➢ Participates in the preparation and ordering of promotional material;
    ➢ Monitors the quality of the services offered;
    ➢ May be entrusted with any other duties related to the present job description.