CHRD Job Postings

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  1. OFFICE AGENT, Outside Cree Territory

    The Office Agent is responsible for providing administrative support to their respective office. The incumbent assists in preparing correspondences and documentation for approval, maintaining files, arranging meetings and amenities, and screening calls.

    Functional Responsibilities
    • Screen, review, redirect incoming and outgoing correspondence.
    • Greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate person or waiting area.
    • Answer and coordinate responses to all administrative inquiries received by the office.
    • Set up conference calls, makes conference room reservations and record meeting minutes.
    • Manage the receiving and treatment of invoices. Coordination with employees, suppliers and Finance department.
    • Coordinate the preparation of all quarterly and annual report.
    • Follow-up with all employees, assemble documents, proofreading and coordination with graphical designer.
    • Assist to various department meetings and write and review meeting minutes.
    • Modify template letters by entering correct information.
    • Compile information and assist with the preparation of kits as required.
    • Arrange travel schedules and make reservations.
    • Ensure adequate inventory of office supplies are available.
    • Maintain a proper file management of office documents, paper and electronic.

  2. PROCUREMENT OFFICER , Outside Cree Territory

    The Procurement Officer is responsible for the purchasing and procurement functions at the Cree Nation Government to minimize the overall purchasing costs without compromising quality or reliability of supplies.

    Purchasing and Procurement Responsibilities
    • Participate in the development of the Cree Nation Government's overall supply and logistics strategy.
    • Assist in developing purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
    • Assist in minimizing the Cree Nation Government's overall purchasing costs.
    • Prepare and post calls for tender through Le système électronique d'appel d'offres du gouvernement du Québec (SEAO).
    • Update and maintain SEAO postings, including managing responses and coordinating correspondences.
    • Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries.
    • Provide information to help in the development of purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
    • Select and negotiate with approved vendors and place purchase orders.
    • Assist in evaluating and negotiating important supplier and vendor.
    • Compile and maintain list of suppliers.

    Contract Management Responsibilities
    • Review and administer long-term purchase contracts.
    • Communicate with contracting parties on all aspects concerning fulfillment of contractual obligations.
    • Collaborate in drafting and applying memorandums of agreement.

    Assets Management and Inventory Control Responsibilities
    • Ensure that methods and procedures relating to the inventory control of movable assets are followed and update.


    Under the general direction of the Director of Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) and immediate supervision of the Project Coordinator of the “Cree Employability Skills Development Partnership (CESDP)” project, the Job Coach is responsible for ensuring that CESDP participants’ needs are met in order to succeed in training as well as secure and maintain long-term sustainable employment. In addition the incumbent will work closely with Sabtuan Adult Education DVS and socio-vocational integration program teams in delivering Essential Skills assessments and Essential Skills and Work Readiness instruction to training program cohorts and in providing ongoing support, as required, to Cree workers employed with CESDP partners.
    Analytical/ Reporting Responsibilities
    • Administer Essential Skills assessments to selected program participants
    • Compile and analyze data for the Cree Employability Skills Development Partnership (CESDP) project

    Planning and Coordinating Responsibilities
    • Assist in developing and delivering pre-program Essential Skills and Life-Skills/Work Readiness training
    • Ensure workshop handouts and other materials are available and ready for use
    • Provide prompt feedback and responses to all questions, comments, and submitted assignments from workshop learners
    • Collaborate with Sabtuan team, develop and deliver workshops on applying for employment, interview and workforce entry skills

    Interaction and Communication Responsibilities
    • Make regular training program visits to monitor, support and work with ‘at risk’ students
    • Make regular visits to CESDP partner workplaces in order to get feedback from employers/trainers on individual worker needs or concerns and to report on training/employment progress
    • Provide direct feedback to learners and other program staff regarding their progress and participation in workshops
    • Maintain consistent and regular follow up with placed participants to provide support and ensure successful placement outcomes with the original or new employer

    Administrative Responsibilities
    • Maintain and update employer database and tracking system
    • Perform other related tasks as requested by the Project Coordinator of the Cree Employability Skills Development Partnership (CESDP)

  4. ASSET CLERK , Outside Cree Territory

    The Asset Clerk is responsible for assisting with the management of assets and leases for the Cree Nation Government. The incumbent is also responsible for assisting with the management of service contracts.
    Functional Responsibilities:
    • Maintain an up-to-date database of moveable assets belonging to Cree Nation Government in the communities.
    • Coordinate the receipt of new assets in collaboration with the Procurement Officer.
    • Create and maintain a retention schedule of moveable assets.
    • Coordinate the maintenance and repair of assets (furniture, equipment).
    • Assess and draft leases for clients.
    • Maintain database of contracts and leases.

    Interaction/ Communication Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with insurance brokers to maintain up-to-date insurance policies for moveable assets and leases.
    • Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems.
    • Follow up with contract owners regarding end dates approaching.

    Administrative Responsibilities:
    • Oversee record management.
    • Perform data entry and clerical duties.
    • Collaborate with the Procurement Officer as needed.

    Budgeting/ Funding Responsibilities:
    • Work with the Finance Department to track ongoing spending on contracts and leases.
    Other Responsibilities:
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility.
    • Perform other duties as required.



    Under the general direction and immediate supervision of the Treasurer, the Executive Assistant provides all confidential administrative support to the Treasurer and assists in efficiently managing his time, providing information necessary for decision making, and monitoring and resolving issues and problems.

    Administrative Support Responsibilities:
    • Answer and/or coordinate responses to all administrative inquiries received from the Treasurer.
    • Assist in organizing the Department’s activities with respect to evaluations and the measurement of results, targets for programs and services delivered.
    • Prepare, input, edit and proofread correspondence, presentations, brochures, publications, reports and related material from shorthand, machine dictation and handwritten copy, using a computer.
    • Review, redirect, process and facilitate incoming and outgoing regular and electronic correspondence and paperwork in order to provide prompt and appropriate action with respect to inquiries, concerns and issues.
    • Administer and coordinate various Department-related meetings such as setting up appointments, preparing meeting notices, and recording the minutes of meetings (e.g., staff meetings).
    • Assist in the preparation of the committee meetings, in addition to recording the minutes.
    • Prepare and budget code all legal and professional invoices for approval by the Treasurer.
    • Process confidential information (e.g., reports).
    • Arrange travel schedule and make reservations.
    • Maintain an efficient and effective database and filing system.

    Operational Support Responsibilities:
    • Assist the Treasurer and/or Directors with budgetary controls and participate in the preparation of yearly budget forecasts.
    • Prepare tools to facilitate budgetary process and controls (budget templates, report templates) and assist Directors in their daily use.
    • Inform the directors on a regular basis of the status of their respective budget levels, expenses incurred, and the projects under way.
    • Respond to first level inquiries in regards to budgetary matters and resolve issues in a timely manner.
    • Perform other related tasks as requested by the Treasurer.