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  1. Assistant Director of Development

    Position Title

    Assistant Director of Development

    Position Overview
    Reporting to the Director of Development, the Assistant Director of Development works on the development of new potential donors, management of volunteers, and assists in the overall management of the new fundraising campaign of the Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation (EECF). The Assistant Director of Development acts as an ambassador and educator of the foundation’s mission, vision and message within the Cree Nation, Quebec and Canada.

    Primary Functions

    Prospect Research and Database Management
    • Conduct research on prospective donors (prospects) as required
    • Ongoing updating of prospect files
    • Management and maintenance of prospect database
    • Production of prospect research reports and related documents
    Volunteer Management
    • Assist in recruitment and support of campaign volunteer solicitors
    • Assist in initial briefing and training of volunteers
    • Prepare and coach volunteers for their cultivation and solicitation meetings
    • Attend and participate with volunteers in cultivation and solicitation meetings
    • Keep volunteers informed of progress with their accounts and EECF/Campaign as a whole
    Communications Management
    • Write cultivation and solicitation proposals and related documents
    • Responsible for correspondence with assigned accounts including introductory and follow-up letters for cultivations and solicitations
    • Compose and prepare basic lay-out of letters and accompanying documents
    • Assist in management of communications materials and consultants
    Administrative Management
    • Assist in the management of the major EECF fundraising campaign
    • Assist in the management of other EECF fundraising and public relations initiatives
    • As required, assist in general EECF management tasks
    • Perform other related tasks as requested by the Director of Development

    Company Information

    The Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation is a new fundraising
    organization established to support the community and social development goals of the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee. Similarly, to community foundations in the south, Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation will raise funds from private and pubic donors and will channel this philanthropic support to Cree community needs. The Foundation is about to launch a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign to fund the next phase of its growth. For more information please visit our website
    Note 1: In accordance with various Sections of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the organization has the objective of staffing its positions with qualified and competent beneficiaries of the JBNQA.

  2. Plastering Teacher, Mistissini

    The School Board is looking for candidates to fill teachers for the school year 2017-2018
    (contract position - replacement, part-time)



    To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to apply, using a trowel or a machine, calcareous plasterwork on different surfaces; to run metal moldings; to pull joints on gypsum sheets; to do stucco work; to run plaster moldings; to apply precast ornamental plasterwork.

    Note: You will find a general description of the training on the Website:

    - Having work experience in aboriginal environment is an asset.
    - 5 years of experience is needed;

    As per the Teachers Collective Agreement of the Board. In addition to the basic salary calculated from the qualification and experience, we also offer Northern and Retention Allowances, subsidized housing, annual outings and other benefits.

    Salary as per the contract:
    $40, 578.00 - $78, 992.00
    Northern Allowance: $8,155.00 - $13,046.00

    Retention Premium: $3,500 - $5,000

    Part-time replacement position as per the contract conditions.

    As soon as possible

  3. Ground Control Senior Engineer and Supervisor

    The Ground Control Senior Engineer and Supervisor is part of the Mine Engineering team. He/she is responsible for the design and supervision of engineering activities related to ground support, backfill, micro-seismic systems, grouting of infiltrations, and the stability of mine excavations. He/she also responsible for the ground control management plan and participates in decision-making for the execution of mining plans.

     Responsible for the ground control management plan at Éléonore.
     Supervise the ground control technicians and engineers.
     Design ground support systems and participate in the creation and follow-up of their procedures.
     Design, plan and supervise the expansion of the ground monitoring and seismic systems.
     Provide reports and analysis regarding ground support, stope stability, paste-fill, seismic and instrument networks.
     Participate in monthly and annual mine planning processes, and provide estimates on ground support, paste-fill, and grouting requirements.
     Monitor the work related to the paste fill system and the micro-seismic systems.
     Responsible for supervision and planning of grouting designs for water infiltration.
     Responsible for the analysis and inclusion of information from the stress, structural and hydro-geological models in ground control designs.
     Manage continuous improvement and cost reduction projects relating to ground control.
     Supervise the engineering team in the absence of the engineering superintendent.
     Respect, understand and encourage company regulations and policies, particularly with regards to health, safety, environment and community relations.
     All other tasks related to the performance of his/her duties.

  4. Prevention Technician - Community Health & Safety Officer, Mistissini

    Second Posting
    Permanent Full Time
    Union: CSN
    Hourly salary: Min. (1) $20.20 - Max (12) $28.02

    Person who performs various prevention-related tasks including research, inspection, training and
    monitoring in order to ensure the safety of service users and employees and of buildings and

    Please note that the Incumbent perfonns his/her tasks for the benefit of Cree organizations
    located on the Eeyou lstchee :Territory (e.g., Band Offices, Cree School Board, Development
    Corporation), but will not be In charge 1>f the prevention program development and Implementation
    for the CBHSSJB directly.

    • Work in collaboration with the Cree Board of Health's Human Resources Prevention Technician
    to develop and implement Health and Safety programs on the Eeyou lstchee Territory.
    • Contributes to the promotion prevention, risk correction and management tasks associated
    with work environments to prevent and reduce workplace accidents and occupational diseases.
    • Advices, participates and supports the different communities' organizations and their
    employees in the implementation of the Occupational Health Services Program.
    • Ensures the implementation of the Safe Motherhood Program and the Mining Workers' Lung Health
    Examination Regulations in the communities
    • Supports the communities' organization and their employees in ensuring that the WHMIS is up
    to date in targeted sectors within the establishment and can be called upon to implement training
    for the staff involved;

    Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay 1

  5. Community Education Administrator (CEA), Mistissini

    Voyageur Memorial High School Mistissini

    Reporting to the Deputy Director General
    (Operations) of the Cree School Board (CSB),
    the Community Education Administrator (CEA)
    collaborates with school management in the
    implementation and monitoring of CSB policies
    and procedures. The CEA is the link to the
    community. More specifically, the CEA is
    responsible for overseeing the organization’s
    resources for their specific community (includes
    all administrative functions, facilities and
    activities) in support of the Cree School Board’s
    mission, vision and goals.

    The CEA also collabortates with the Deputy
    Director General (Operations) and Cree School
    Board administrators on how to promote the
    optimal management of its resources at the local
    level and within the spirit of operational
    effectiveness and employee engagement.
    The CEA leads by example, fosters a spirit of
    teamwork, engages employees and facilitates a
    workplace culture in keeping with the CSB
    organizational values.

    Contribute to the development of the overall
    CSB Strategic Action Plan (5-year plan) as well
    as the annual planning process (priorities and

    In alignment with the Strategic Action Plan,
    develop and execute their individual plan in
    support of school and student success and
    community requirements.
    Ensure compliance with the overall CSB
    policies, by-laws, programs, procedures and
    Collective Agreements. Collaborate with the School Principal on the preparation and administration of the local
    budget and personnel plan and the Local School
    Improvement Plan (LSIP).

    Ensure liaison and coordination on local school
    matters between the band council, the School
    Committee, the School Principal, local entities
    and organizations.
    Responsible for administering all CSB property
    (moveable and immoveable) in the community
    including the supervision and coordination of
    equipment repairs, the preparation of electricity,
    gas and heating oil consumption reports and the
    management of all programs and maintenance
    Responsible for allocating housing according to
    relevant CSB policies and priority listing as well
    as overseeing all housing inspections.
    Manage the Room & Board program.

    Ensure that the meeting minutes are duly
    recorded during the School Committee and
    Adult Education local committee meetings.
    Responsible for the local transportation contracts
    and other transportation activities.

    Participate in resource selection and allocation
    (including work schedules and leaves),
    supervision coaching and professional
    development for all local non-pedagogical
    support team members under his/her direct

    Collaborate with the School Committee on all
    Human Resources matters regarding local non-pedagogical
    support staff including; monitoring
    of their appointment and engagement,
    promotion, reassignment, leave of absence,
    demotion, suspension, placement on availability
    or dismissal, as well as their vacation schedules.

    Collaborate with School Principal on all
    orientation and onboarding activities for new
    Any other duties, as assigned by supervisor.