CHRD Job Postings

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  1. HEAD COOK, Waskaganish

    • Supervising and preparing work schedules for cooks and dishwasher/cook helpers and ensuring that cooks rotate shifts on the frontline, daily specials, breakfast/brunch and desserts.
    • Arranging replacement workers in the event of an absences;
    • Planning and pricing well-balanced menus and reviewing same on a regular basic according to seasonal availability and coasts.
    • Ensuring equipment is fully functional and in good state of repair
    • Ensuring the kitchen area is always kept in a clean and orderly state and that the stage maintains excellent hygiene standards
    • Verifying daily food checklist
    • Verifying food quality on a daily basis, such as checking “best before dates” and ensuring refrigerated food is rotated correctly (Ex: using older ingredients first instead of the just arrived ingredients)
    • Overseeing efficient use of ingredients
    • Instructing, overseeing, and helping staff in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of food
    • Overseeing the implementation of the kitchen operating policy
    • Providing assistance and feedback to cooks on Daily Special planning
    • Assisting management in the selection on new kitchen staff and evaluation of existing staff
    • Reporting offences under personnel policy management
    • Other duties as assigned by the Manager or Restaurant when required.
    • Planning Daily Special a week ahead (in order to take food the night before)

  2. HOUSE KEEPING, Waskaganish

    • Perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing
    • Ensure all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards
    • Protect equipment and make sure there are good condition
    • Notify superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances
    • Deal with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience
    • Check stocking levels of all products and replace when appropriate
    • Follow strictly to rules regarding health and safety
    • Keep the lobby, hallway and public washrooms clean on a daily basis
    • Ordering of items needed within laundry room, all washrooms, cleaning supplies


    Under the general direction of the Director of Justice and Correctional Services and the immediate supervision of the Coordinator of Justice (Courts/Community), the Community Justice Officer is responsible for the administering of community justice programs. The position requires that the Community Justice Officer works in collaboration with communities, local justice panels/committees, court personnel, police, social service and health care professionals, CAVAC Workers, and a variety of other individuals and agencies on a regular basis.
    Functional Responsibilities
     Support the community justice programs in the community by planning, organizing and coordinating such programs.
     Act as a resource person in the community by providing information relative to the justice system and its administration.
     Evaluate and responds to client program related requests and referrals with appropriate information in a timely fashion.
     Promote the community justice programs in collaboration with the Coordinator of Justice (Courts/Community) and such agencies as the police force, the school board and the health board.
     Maintain confidential client records and records of decisions and ensure the security of the database and access to secure information provided by the Ministry of Justice.
     Submit quarterly community justice reports and records of decisions.
     Coordinate and facilitate Community Justice Panel/Committee meetings.
     Plan objectives and activities of the community justice services.
     Take minutes of Community Justice Panel/Committee meetings and documents sentencing decisions and agreements between parties.
     Provide technical and functional assistance to the Justice Department court personnel.
     Communicate to community members regarding all justice matters and concerns through public information sessions, written notices, radio broadcasts and local general assemblies.
     Prepare quarterly workplans of activities and review progress with the Coordinator of Justice (Courts/Community).
    Develop programs locally in areas of diversion, alternative measures and prevention with Community Justice Panel/Committee, Community resource groups and the Coordinator of Program Development.
     Ensure all deadlines, reporting requirements and budgets are complied with for justice community-based projects.
    Administrative Responsibilities
     Perform other related tasks as requested by the Coordinator of Justice (Courts/Community)/ Director of Justice and Correctional Services.

  4. WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST, Outside Cree Territory

    Under the general direction of the Director of Environment and Remedial Works, the Wildlife Biologist is responsible for providing advice on matters related to the Environment Regime and the Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Regime set out in the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement.
    Biologist Responsibilities
     Advise Cree members of the Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Coordinating Committee (HFTCC) on matters related to wildlife management and other aspects of legislation dealing with the utilization of wildlife resources.
     Work in close collaboration with the Lands and Environment Section staff on the analysis of environmental and social impact assessments of development projects, in particular with respect to their impact on wildlife resources and habitats.
     Assist with the monitoring of fishery activities by the Cree communities (including commercial) and drafting of reports.
    Internal and External Relations Responsibilities
     Assist the Cree Nation Government/GCCEI and the Cree communities and entities in the administration of the Outfitting Regime of the HFTCC.
     Provide assistance to the Cree Trappers Association with respect to the planning, design and coordination of surveys on wildlife populations, population dynamics, habitat quality, and on the harvest and use of wildlife resources by the Cree.
     Assist the members of the Boumhounan and Nadoshtin working groups.
    Administrative Responsibilities
     Coordinates special field research projects and drafts reports.
     Perform other related tasks as requested by the Director of Environment and Remedial Works.


    Under the general direction of the Director of Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) and the immediate supervision of Coordinator of Programs and Services, the Receptionist/Secretary is responsible for the reception and certain secretarial duties at the Cree Human Resources Development Office.
    Functional Responsibilities
     Answer telephone, oversee incoming faxes and electronic inquiries received through the general electronic mail of the organization and relay telephone calls, messages, faxes and electronic mails to the appropriate employee and/or Department.
     Greet and direct visitors to the appropriate employee and provide general information.
     Order and keep an inventory of all office supplies.
     Assist in setting up conference calls and making conference room reservations.
     Assist in the coordination of use of specific rooms located in offices or facilities and provide support to personnel using office space when necessary.
     Ensure public areas are open to public at regular office hours in office spaces or facilities, and ensure that these areas are secure after office hours.
     Assist in typing and formatting correspondence.
     Open and maintain office addresses and contact lists in Microsoft Outlook and in rotary and card files.
     Process invoices and statement memorandums.
     Provide quotations and advise on potential problems.
     Performs other relevant tasks as required by the Coordinator of Programs and Service and/or the Director.