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    Core Functions:
    The Labor Market Information Analyst will be responsible to collect and analyze labour market information, as well as distribute reports, statistics and identify trends in Eeyou-Istchee.
    Functional Responsibilities:
     Analyze factors which determine Labour Force participation, employment, wages, unemployment and other Labour Market outcomes.
     Produce reports on demand, presenting the labour market information.
     Monitor regional and local economic trends, in order to identify employment and training needs for Eeyou-Istchee.
     Establish and maintain good communication with local and regional organizations and all Eeyou-Istchee employers to regularly gather data.
     Regularly contact the local organizations and employers to collect precise labour market information in collaboration with Employment Counsellors.
     Oversee Labour Market Survey data collection for community and regional Labor Market updates.
     Ensures that the Labour Market Information is collected and properly entered in the Cree Nation Government Information System (CNGIS).
     Develop and maintain the Cree Nation Government Information System (CNGIS) and use it to produce reports and statistics.


    Core Functions:
    The Communications Officer is responsible to manage and develop the procurement, supply and distribution of information for the Department. The incumbent ensures the dissemination of all required information to public user and within the administration is reviewed and up-to-date.
    Functional Responsibilities:
     Develop and execute communication plans for the Department such as writing advertisements, internal newsletters, PowerPoint presentations and website copy.
     Plan and design related communication tools such as annual reports, newsletters, and posters.
     Writing and editing reports, publications and website contents.
     Assist in the design of the CHRD website and ensure that the website is maintained and updated regularly.
     Provide regular updates on the Department’s social media.
     Expand the catalog of promotional assets, such as photos, pamphlets, posters, and success stories.
     Collaborate with the staff to organize events such as the Regional Career Fair, conferences, and capacity building opportunities on a community and regional level.
     Assist in releasing information to attract public attention for all aspects of the Department.
     Assist with the editing and reviewing of internal documents including policies and procedures, staff training materials and presentations given within the CHRD.


    Core Functions:
    The Coordinator of Information Technology is responsible for overseeing, coordinating and
    optimizing Cree Nation Government’s Information Technology (IT) activities including planning,
    implementation, operations and strategic planning.
    The incumbent provides overall management and definition of all technology related activities
    within the Cree Nation Government including responsibility for providing a leadership role in
    day-to-day operations of the IT functions.
    Functional Responsibilities:
    • Define, lead and oversee the IT unit in the development, implementation and execution of
    mandates, plans, projects, strategies and initiatives related to IT activities.
    • Provide strategic, financial and administrative guidance/advice on IT development projects.
    • Supervise and coordinate the IT department and service providers, and periodically assess
    overall performance of IT services according to established goals.
    • Analyze the IT requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs in
    accordance with the organisational vision and make recommendations.
    • Design, plan and execute training on the use of systems and networks.
    • Identify the need for upgrades, configurations or new systems and report to upper
    • Define and review Cree Nation Government IT infrastructure documentation and all its
    • Establish and maintain effective communication and collaboration with other departments.
    • Develop and enforce IT policies, procedures and systems to support the implementation of
    • Seize process improvement opportunities to streamline internal workflows and improve
    • Manage the budget for the IT services and participate in the annual budget process.
    • Directly supervise and lead direct reports and ensure effective supervision of others within the

  4. Procurement Officer , Outside Cree Territory

    Core Functions:
    The Procurement Officer is responsible for the purchasing and procurement functions at the Cree Nation Government to minimize the overall purchasing costs without compromising quality or reliability of supplies.

    Purchasing and Procurement Responsibilities:
    • Support the community justice programs in the community by planning, organizing and coordinating such programs.
    • Participate in the development of the Cree Nation Government's overall supply and logistics strategy.
    • Assist in developing purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
    • Assist in minimizing the Cree Nation Government's overall purchasing costs.
    • Prepare and post calls for tender through Le système électronique d'appel d'offres du gouvernement du Québec (SEAO).
    • Update and maintain SEAO postings, including managing responses and coordinating correspondences.
    • Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries.
    • Provide information to help in the development of purchasing budgets, plans, policies, systems, and procedures.
    • Select and negotiate with approved vendors and place purchase orders.
    • Assist in evaluating and negotiating important supplier and vendor.
    • Compile and maintain list of suppliers.

    Contract Management Responsibilities:
    • Review and administer long-term purchase contracts.
    • Communicate with contracting parties on all aspects concerning fulfillment of contractual obligations.
    • Collaborate in drafting and applying memorandums of agreement.
    Assets Management and Inventory Control Responsibilities;
    • Ensure that methods and procedures relating to the inventory control of movable assets are followed and update.


    Core Functions:
    The Community Reintegration Officer is responsible for assisting community reintegration efforts by monitoring and supporting the services offered to Cree offenders who have been sentenced. The incumbent is expected to work in close collaboration with probation officers, communities, community justice panels/committees, corrections personnel, police, social service and health care professionals, and a variety of other individuals and agencies.

    Functional Responsibilities:
    • Meet with client in custody/detention to provide information regarding available services, complete intake forms, and prepare correctional release plan.
    • Work with Departmental Psychologist to obtain or receive written report of psychological assessment or case plan of clientele.
    • Monitor and coordinate the progress of files/cases to ensure the timely completion of required outcomes and performance.
    • Attend all relevant court hearings, including probation hearings.
    • Provide programming insight to Specialist in Detention Environment to ensure reintegration and rehabilitation process starts before release.
    • Contribute to the development of a strategic approach for the community, ensuring maximum impact of activities by actively participating in the design, planning and monitoring of activities and mechanisms.

    Interaction/ Communication Responsibilities:
    • Participate in the development and evolution of the community’s approach in rehabilitation and recovery issues, designing and supporting the implementation of policy and program changes in collaboration with community justice community panels and Community Justice Officers.
    • Provide advice to the community on issues related to the overall implementation of reintegration programs and coordinate with probation officers.
    • Act as a front-line resource for community and family members to ensure full reintegration of clients within the community.
    • Develops partnerships with health services and other support groups as well as employment agencies/community employers to support clients in their reintegration process.
    • Act as mediator and engage in conflict resolution as the case may be.

    Administrative Responsibilities:
    • Prepare and maintain confidential client information including family and community assessment reports, monthly plan of care reports, case notes and discharge reports.
    • Populate and maintain up-to-date databases with client information and information regarding services provided.

    Reporting Responsibilities:
    • Provide quarterly reports to Coordinator of Corrections on cases under management.
    • Report to the Coordinator any deficiencies or abuses in government services to or treatment of clients. Participate in Gladue report writing training.

    Other Responsibilities:
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility.
    • Perform other duties as required.