Hydlo and Friends 2013-2014

Hydlo and Friends is regional program that discusses the prospects of clean energy as provided by hydroelectricity, through Hydro Quebec. With any major industry the land must be considered including the diverse flaura, fauna and waterways that are part of what makes Eeyou Istchee the beautiful land that it is. According to Hydro Quebec, 14000 Cree people live in the territory and the program aims at providing a well rounded discussion that brings people closer to the issues and the challenges that must be considered. We are pleased to provide the people of Eeyou Istchee with the 2013-2014 episodes of Hydlo and Friends. 

2015-16 Season of Hydlo and Friends

We are proud to bring to you the shows from the 2015-16 season of Hydlo and Friends. We've had a lot of great content so far this year and are happy to continue to bring you information from Hydro Quebec.