Regional Housing Show


Aerial view of Mistissini Lake, QC

We at JBCCS are extremely excited to provide you with the first episode of the Cree Nation Government Regional Housing Talk Show.
The show will be hosted by Lawrence Katapatuk, Regional Housing Planner for the Cree Nation Government, and will be a monthly show;
ranging from thirty to 60 minutes. Eeyou Miichuwaap Committee will play a role in bringing specific topics and information to the public. 

Tuesday’s episode (May 20th, 2014), covered information from the Regional Housing Symposium, that was held in Val-d’Or in September 2013,
and in particular the lack of information on home ownership. As well, the show covers the history of the housing program and contains an interview
with the former Chief Robert Kanatawat of Chisasibi. 

The information in this show is very important, it attempts to address a lot of the apprehension people have about home-ownership; whether
that reluctance comes from fear or the difficulties of finance. It is the hope that, by listening to these monthly shows, that you’ll feel more
confident the process of home ownership and in your knowledge of housing within the Cree Nation. So, without saying much more, we hope
that you enjoy the show as much as we did. 


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