Missing Person: Lynn Iserhoff Found

Photo of Cynthia Neeposh, Lynn Iserhoff and Alan Gull.

Update 5: Lynn Iserhoff Found: Details from Morning Show Interview (January 15, 2015)

We were able to speak with Alan Gull this morning and he provided us with more detail about finding Lynn. As we mentioned below, Lynn had walked into the police station alone and this was just before 7:45 PM on January 14th, 2015. She had been kept at the police station all evening and is in the process of pressing charges; a suspect was not named. 

She is now with her family and couldn't be happier to be reunited with them. Lynn has been going over everyone's outpouring of support and was both surprised at the level of media attention and overwhelmed. We will be contacting Cynthia Neeposh at noon today and she will provide us with more details about these events. 

Update 4: Lynn Iserhoff Found and in Police Custody

We are receiving some preliminary information from the family of Lynn Iserhoff that she has been found and is in police custody. Her exact location will not be revealed at this point in time. We will speak with Cynthia Neeposh tomorrow morning, during our morning show, to discuss this news further. Some early information is suggesting the Lynn may have walked into a police station on her own and unharmed. We caution that this information is still developing and we will know more tomorrow morning. 

Update 3: Link to SPVM Page (January 14th)

Hi everyone, just wanted to provide a quick update to provide you with a link to the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) page for Lynn Iserhoff. The page contains important contact information for the investigating officers, a description of Lynn, and information about her case. They are asking that people help to distribute the page and we will provide you with a link below. 

Link: http://www.spvm.qc.ca/en/MissingAndWantedPeople/Missing/668

Update 2: Noon Hour Show (January 13th) 

We spoke with Alan Gull, during our noon hour show on January 13th, and he gave an update on the search for Lynn Iserhoff. Allan is a worker for the Native Friendship Center in Montreal, where he works doing outreach and intervention. 

Alan had said, from a Cree translation, that seven men were brought to the police station for interrogation but were later released. Suspects are known to have some connection to drugs and human trafficking. The interview touched on the necessity of using a reliable new source, as there is a lot of misinformation circulating on social media. 

Alan was waiting for an update, from the investigation officer and said that he would update us later. Allan had made a comment about the possibility of tracking the cellphone, where Lynn had last attempted to make contact with home. There has yet to be any confirmation that the trace would be successful, so we are urging caution in interpreting this statement. 

Finally, Alan gave a word of caution in the interview, especially to young girls who are travelling down south or are going to be meeting new people. He cautioned that you should always remain cautious and let others know of your whereabouts. For more information, we invite you to listen to a copy of the interview below. We will continue to update you on the situation, as it evolves. 



Sharing some information from the group page, they have left a number where you can forward any information that you have. You can contact Montreal police at 514-280-0921. If you need your information to remain confidential, you can contact the workers at Projets Autochtones.

Original Post

Our production team recently interviewed Cynthia Neeposh, mother of the missing girl Lynn Iserhoff. We had noticed there is a fair amount of confusion on social media and wanted to make sure people had access to the correct information. Lynn has been missing since December 21, 2014 and was last seen at the Women's Shelter in Montreal; there is an ongoing search to determine her whereabouts.

Lynn stands about 5’5 and is 150-160 pounds with medium brown hair; we have posted a picture of Lynn as well. The family is currently working with Montreal Police and the Native Friendship Center to search of Lynn. We will provide you with updates as we receive them. For more information, we invite you to listen to the interview below.