Grand chief welcomes inquiry announcement from Quebec premier

Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon-Come was at a live conference with Premier Philippe Couillard in Quebec City today to welcome the Independent provincial judicial Commission of Inquiry.

The commission is designed to find systemic issues that discriminates against Indigenous persons and improve the public services, according to Grand Council of the Crees/Cree Nation Government press release.

“The inquiry will enable them to share their experience and help to find solutions,” Coon-Come said.

Dr. Coon-Come said that responding to the Indigenous women will help them begin to heal from the incidents of last year’s allegations of misconduct with Sûreté du Québec of Val-d’Or.

The creation of the commission is to collaborate with Québec and the Indigenous community.

“This exercise is not about blame,” said Dr. Coon-Come. “It is about all of us, Indigenous people, police officers and other stakeholders, working together to fix problems.”

Watch video with Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon-Come. (No more than 4 minutes)