Jeannie Fleming Finally Meets Her Father After 55 Years

Last week a woman reunited with her long-lost father that, until recently, didn’t know she existed.

Jeannie Fleming, a 55-year old woman previously named Jeannie Miluctu, got adopted when she was a baby.

Jeannie said that she was taken away from her parents because her mother couldn’t take her in at the time. She got adopted by a couple named Louisa Fleming and Johnny Fleming, who gave her the name she has today.

Jeannie met her biological father, 74-year-old named George Luchuk, on August 15 after he came to her home in Kuujjuarapik (formerly known as Great Whale River).

“It was a very emotional moment,” Jeannie said.

Jeannie Fleming and her biological father, George Luchuk.

Photo credit: Lizzie Calvin (Facebook)

George was working in Moose Factory as a Clerk at the Hudson’s Bay Company, and he flew to come find Jeannie in Kuujjuarapik after being told by a young woman that he has a daughter.

Jeannie said she was shocked because she didn’t know her father was alive and gave up looking for him 2 to 3 years ago.

“I thought I was praying for someone who was already in the cemetery,” Jeannie said.

Her father never knew that his girlfriend was pregnant, and only found out when he was told by a woman named Annie who knew about Jeannie.

“She told him, ‘you got a new daughter and she looks just like you,’” Jeannie said.

Jeannie said they are taking their time with introducing each other to their families.

George Luchuk with his new-found daughter, grand-children, and great-grand children.

Photo credit: Kevin Noel Hatt (Facebook)