Sanford Diamond’s One in a Million Shot

A Cree photographer took a one in a million shot during last years Perseid meteor shower.

Sanford Diamond, 40-year old amateur photographer,
 captured a photo of a shooting star on August 12, 2015.

Diamond took the photo on the shores of the Rupert River in Waskaganish, Quebec.

Sanford Diamond

Photo credit: Sanford J. Diamond (Facebook)

Diamond said that he was stunned to have caught the shooting star on camera.

“I was wondering if I had actually captured [the shooting star] on camera and had to review it after I took the photo,” he said.

After Diamond tweeted the photo on Twitter with the hashtag ‘Perseid’, he found out – from a Facebook friend – that The Weather Network broadcasted the photo on television as their “Photo of The Week.”

Diamond said that when he found out his photo was featured on The Weather Network; he was surprised.

His brother, Ian Diamond, is actually the professional photographer in the family.

“I only do [photography] as a hobby. I learnt a lot of techniques from my brother who was teaching me at the time,” said Sanford Diamond.

Sanford Diamond’s full time job is working for the Cree Trappers Association as a Local Eeyou Marine Region Officer.

This year’s Perseid meteor shower is said to take place between August 11 to August 12 according to Astronomy Magazine.