Wild Black Bears Spotted at Waswanipi Dump

Eight wild bears were spotted Sunday evening at the Waswanipi dump.

Residents of Waswanipi, QC., found the eight black bears on July 17 around 8pm. The bears were reportedly eating pieces of the trash that people were dropping off. The dump is located approximately eight kilometers away from Waswanipi.

Johnson Happyjack, 55-year-old from Waswanipi, was at the dump with others for half an hour after the bears were located. Happyjack said that he was 20 feet away from the bears and they didn’t seem violent at all.

“We weren’t afraid and neither were they,” he said.

Photo credit: Philip Wapachee (Facebook)

 Photo credit: Philip Wapachee  

According to Happyjack, the situation has become a normal event for the community and people stop by frequently to watch them eat.

“There were 10 bears here last week. It’s like a zoo!” he said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks, who are responsible for the protection of the animals and citizens, stated in an article that it is best to always exercise caution when approaching a wild black bear.

The article is titled “Staying Safe Around Black Bears”, and it can be found on The Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks website, for steps on what to do if you ever encounter a black bear. 

Take a look at a video of the bears below (No more than a minute) 

Video credit: Johnson Happyjack (Facebook)