Pokemon Go Hits Cree Nation

The newest Pokémon game released this summer is gaining popularity in the Cree Nation.

PokémonGO is an application that released on July 6, developed by Niantic Inc. and published by The Pokémon Company.

Sheree House, 26-year-old resident of Chisasibi, QC., said that she is amazed at how far technology has come.

“I was super excited to try it,”

The application is designed for iPhones and Androids, and it is currently one of the biggest trends to hit social media in 2016.

“I ran around the house late at night searching for [Pokémon], I also went outside and looked for more,” 

House said that having fun is more important to her than worrying what others think.

Naomi Saganash, 23, from Waswanipi, QC., likes the game because it makes you go out into the real world to catch the Pokémon.

“It is a really fun game to play,” said 23-year-old Saganash.

Unlike former versions of Pokémon where the gamers would play sitting down with their handheld gaming consoles, the new creation forces users to take their phones and go outside of their homes to find the Pokémon that are placed within their communities.

The Pokémon Company first launched The Pokémon series in 1996. The game itself is known as one of the most popular forms of children’s entertainment in the world, so the success of PokémonGO is not a surprise.