Finding The Girls - Volunteers Find Missing Youth

On June 11, 2016, two young girls Talitha and Sarah Shecapio went missing from Mistassini Quebec. They were missing for more than 30 hours, on their own in the northern wilderness, and a search party was organized after the girls hadn’t gone home that night. The weather for that night wasn’t the most favorable, it was a cold rainy night. 

The very next day the search party started. Many people from Mistassini volunteered to help find these two young girls. Volunteers had spent many hours searching, some as many as 15 hours, but at around 11:30, most of the search parties had gone home for the evening.  Three youth, who had been apart from the main parties, had searched a while longer and were able to find the girls. 

We interviewed them about their story, and finding the girls. We asked how they felt during the time of the girls missing, what did they do to help out with the search party. Whitney, Adrian and Darren, 3 youth from Mistassini tell you their story about finding the girls. 

In the interview, Whitney said that “…I thought about the girls, one the girls is the same age as my younger sister…I couldn’t stop thinking of those girls, I imagined how her parents must’ve felt.”. In the story they describe how the moment was when they saw the girls. 

Adrian tells. “When we pulled up, I was overthinking about the family and how they felt, and the old grandmother, I totally forgot about the girls….it was an overwhelming feeling, I cried when I called and said we found the girls.”   ”when we first saw them, we didn’t say anything, we were speechless, we couldn’t believe it.”. said Darren. We were pleased to have spoken with these youth and hear their side of the story. 

Listen to the interview from Freddie Dixon, where he interviewed the three volunteers about their experience finding the girls.