Youth Trip to Italy

JBCCS spoke with Amy Linton of Mistassini about the big trip to Italy with 14 youth. During the planning of the big trip, in 2014 the Youth Council were searching for new ways to teach the youth of the Cree nation about other places outside of the Cree nation territory, which was when the trips were planned. In 2015, the budget came out for the youth council to take the youth to Italy and to New York.

When it was time to depart, they drove to Montreal, Quebec, which is a distance of 503kms south of Mistassini. From Montreal they boarded their flight to Switzerland, which they flew for 7 hours overseas. Then later boarding another flight to Milan. 

We asked her if the trip fulfilled its purpose. She spoke of the trip being an educational experience, Amy said it was a “better experience then I could ever imagine”. The youth enjoyed the tours given to them. She stated that the tour guides of Italy were amazed by their nationality and culture. They jokingly said that they still lived in teepees. 

One of the troubles they encountered, was that one of the youth’s passports was about to expire a month after the big trip. The Montreal airport would not let her board the plane with the Cree group. When an emergency call was made to an Organization called Educational Tours, located in Montreal. The Organization arrived to help the young female, taking her to the passport office to get matters sorted. She then was able to board the plane that next day.

We asked her if she had anything to say for those who are planning a trip much like this one. She replied with an encourage message, that “…there should be more educational trips for the youth of the Cree nation”.

In the end of the interview, she would like to thank the youth council for all their help, and to the youth for their Commitment to the trip. Amy said ``they all made it possible to make this trip happen.” 


The James Bay Cree Communication Society.