Northern Lights Mistissini

Happy Friday to All

Hello to everyone, just thought that we would take a quick moment to wish you all a happy and safe labor day weekend. The weather has been beautiful in Mistissini lately, but starting to get a little bit cold. If you happened to be out yesterday evening, there were northern lights up in the sky and a local photographer, Brendan Forward, happened to catch them. So, if you've got fifteen or so seconds to spare, we invite you to check out the video of the northern lights in Mistissini. We'd also like to invite you to check out Brendan's Facebook page "Brendan Forward Photography". To really appreciate the details, make sure to watch the video in HD. 


A fun evening out capturing the northern lights. I think a faster capture rate might create a bit more smooth of a video

Posted by Brendan Forward Photography on Friday, September 4, 2015