William Saganash Interview

Eeyou/Eenou Police Force's Crime Intelligence Prevention Officer, William Saganash, joined us in studio to talk about the devastating effects of alcohol and drugs. He explained that drugs and alcohol, which is supported by statistics kept by the Eeyou Eenou Police Force, are catalysts for violence in the territory.  

Since it's existance of April 1st, 2011, Eeyou/Eenou Police Force have seen a Roller Coaster Effect of their statistics in regards to violence due to alcohol consumptions and drug use. Officer Saganash explains it was why the EEFP decided to launch Crime Prevention Programs to deter this dilemma affecting residents in each community. The first step into Crime Prevention is getting the information out through educating Eeyou/Eenou by doing workshops and producing pamphlets, made by our own organization of police, that pertains to the effects of alcoholism, drug use as well as the effects of bullying. Officer Saganash affirmed that bullying doesn't just happen with children, it's is also produced by adults. "People have lost their lives as a result of alcohol being involved as well as being on the receiving end of bullying". 

It's time we ought to look at these problems, talk about them and do something together as communities to help our people. We have to work together... LET'S PUT OUR WORDS TO ACTION." Officer Saganash stressed that there are laws that can prosecute bullying and cyber-bullying, especially when that bullying results in harm coming to or even death of a person.