Hydlo and Friends: Tribute to Lawrence Jimiken

Episode 135: Broadcast July 22, 2015

We would like to invite you to listen to a very special episode of Hydlo and Friends, as we pay tribute to a great man, Mr. Lawrence Jimiken. Lawrence left us on July 3, having passed suddenly in the night, and his passing has made a big impact on so many people. Lawrence had an extensive list of accomplishments, having served as Chief for his community, as Electoral Officer during several elections, and also acted as a spokesperson for Waskaganish and Nemaska. Chief Thomas Jolly had the following to say:

I have known Lawrence since childhood, we are cousins. He was a little older than me and when we were at the Old Post, he was one of the very few who spoke English and so that is how I remember him very clearly.
He was one of the first people who went out to residential school and then shortly thereafter we started going until we left the Old Post back in 1970.
When I knew Lawrence in the beginning we used to call him a bookworm because he was constantly reading. He would always bring a lot of books home and was very adamant about reading and was a speed-reader. He could read a pocket book in just a few hours and tell you the whole story. He had a photographic memory.
Larry Linton once handed him a Bible and he read it in three days. Larry then asked him questions about it and Lawrence knew everything.
He was also very active in the development of new community of Nemaska.
We will miss him.

Thomas Jolly, Chief of the Cree Nation of Nemaska

Lawrence did much for his people and we invite you to listen and celebrate some of that work with us.