Accident at Amnesia Rockfest

Two Residents of Chisasibi Injured in Festival Accident

Gregory Stanley Louttit and Marjorie Beth Herodier were taken to hospital on Saturday after falling from a ferris wheel at the Amnesia Rockfest Music Festival in Montebello, Quebec. The Sûreté du Québec said two people fell about 10 meters from the ride and that they suffered non-life-threatening injuries; both individuals were taken to hospital. Herodier and Louttit are stated as being from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi and are recovering in Ottawa. Gregory Stanley Louttit, one of those injured in the fall, issued the following statement: 

"I was rocking the chair, holding on to the bar that secured us, and all of a sudden it came off and I hit the bars 3 times before I hit the friend said witnesses told her I stood right up, but I collapsed right after. I don't remember standing up."

This accident, though extreme, was not an isolated incident at the Rockfest, as paramedics reported that they responded to a total of 20 calls to the festival site on Saturday. Herodier is reported to be doing better every day and sustained fractured ribs as part of the fall. Herodier will not be able to walk for a month, as she dislocated her hip during the fall. Both Louttit and Herodier warned those attending fairs to not trust the safety devices and to always be careful when on the rides. 

-- Previously we had mentioned that Gregory Louttit and Beth Herodier were recovering in hospital and this is not the case. They are recovering in Ottawa, the article has been revised to reflect this. We apologize for the confusion.